“Working with Gareth has been hugely beneficial for our practice and our clients.  Not only is he friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with, but he has taken the time to get to know us, understand our ethos and the way the practice operates. Our clients have commented on how much they enjoy reading the articles in the newsletters he creates for us because he writes them in a friendly, non-patronising tone. Gareth’s efforts have transformed our newsletters and  given our practice a voice.”

Vincent Tripp, Practice Manager, Tara Tripp Hearing Care

“Your company is aptly named. You have taken a somewhat unyielding document and shaped it into a communication tool that will allow us to deliver an important message to a wide range of staff. Thank you for all your work. You have exceeded expectations.”

Joanne Durkin, Values Into Action Project Manager, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Gareth can do such amazing things with the English language, so easily and so quickly that I will be forever jealous. He gets what you want said almost instantly and seemingly seconds later is producing exactly the kind of prose that you are after. Added to that he is innovative, creative, fun and caring, making you feel immediately comfortable and reassured that he is the expert you need.”

Jay Daley, Chief Executive at .nz Registry Services

“Gareth produced a genuinely funny and touching drama script for us to promote our Christmas Parties campaign, which was popular with the church congregations across the country who saw it performed. This made it an easy decision to commission him to write the main spread for our most recent newsletter. Gareth took the raw information we gave him and wrote a fluent and compelling piece which did justice to the inspiring community leader it described. I would wholeheartedly recommend his work.”

Jo Mitchell, Fundraising and Community Manager at Viva

“It has been such a pleasure working with Gareth.  Not only does he take the time to get to know his subject thoroughly before creating a masterpiece, he does it in such a calm and considerate manner combined with a professional yet friendly approach – simply the perfect blend!”

Amy Williams, Virtual Business Assistant at Paperwork

“Working with Gareth has been of huge value to the business as well as a genuine pleasure. His ability to express things in a concise and creative way has been an invaluable resource for us. The ability to find “just the right words” is a rare one and Gareth has proved in his work with us that he can take quite complex, jargon-filled language and translate it into something that the man or woman on the street can understand.”

Nick Throp, Director at Like Minds


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