A lot of the work I’ve done is covered by client confidentiality agreements, which means I’m unable to include it in a public portfolio. However, in addition to some great testimonials from satisfied customers, I have a selection of projects that clients are happy for me to share.

Website content

I helped develop the tone of voice and wrote some of the website content for  The Barns Cafea local community cafe in North Abingdon.

I wrote the website content for Sweetcroft Homes, an Oxfordshire-based property development company.

I wrote the copy and developed the tone of voice for the website for Mightywaters, a strategic Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy.

I wrote several articles for Knowthenet, an educational website from Nominet UK, that provides users with advice and tips to make the most of the internet. The aim was to produce short, snappy features that engage a wide range of internet users, from seasoned surfers to online beginners. This Music and video section is typical of the content I wrote for this site.

I wrote several pages for the website Crowdser.com. Crowdser AB is a Swedish-based company that has developed a unique business to business web-based sales platform that uses crowdsourcing. The challenge here was to capture the essence of a sophisticated business tool in engaging and clear language, for an international audience.

I wrote the copy for the Personal Balance website for an individual launching their personal trainer business to a wider audience. She was really pleased with the results:

I wrote all the copy for the Virtual Angel website for an individual starting her own virtual PA business. She gave me a fairly short brief, wanting it to sound professional but something that would ‘hold your interest and stand out’. She was delighted with the copy:

“Gareth captured the essence of my business perfectly and produced exactly the tone of voice I was looking for on the website straight away.”

Jacqueline Campbell, business owner, Virtual Angel

Creative copywriting

I wrote this leaflet for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust to help communicate the organisation’s values and behaviours to its people in a quick, engaging way that would enable them to absorb the information and act on it.

I wrote this drama sketch for Viva, an international children’s charity based in Oxford, to help publicise their Christmas Parties fundraising campaign for 2012. The aim was to produce an interactive script that church and community groups could act out in order to raise the profile of the campaign in a fun and entertaining way. The team at Viva were really enthusiastic about it:

“I totally love it! It really is brilliant, you nailed it totally. It was great to work with you, very easy, and obviously we’re very happy with the results.”

 Beth Gaukroger, Communications Manager at Viva.

Feature articles

Following the success of that project Viva commissioned me to write the main feature article for the latest issue of its Vivanews magazine, distributed to its networks and supporters worldwide.

Case studies

I write case studies on behalf of The Client Voice for a wide range of companies in the Technology and Learning & Development sectors. We produce compelling customer testimonials that become very effective marketing materials. Here are a couple of examples; others are available on request:

GAP Consulting Capita Case Study 

GAP Consulting Carbon Trust Case Study

Video scripts

I worked with like minds, a company specialising in employee communications, to create a short video that would explain to students and young employees why it is important to bother with a pension. I wrote the script and provided the voice-over, which I really enjoyed doing.

Annual reports

I wrote the text for Nominet UK’s annual reports from 2005 to 2010, capturing the company’s highlights and achievements within the UK internet industry each year.

Further examples of my work and references from clients are available on request. Email garethcook@justtherightwords.co.uk


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