Gareth, Hero T shirt, flames

Ready to save the world. One word at a time.

My name’s Gareth Cook.

I’m a words man. Plain and simple. Since birth, I’ve never been short of them, or in living memory, lost for them.

To save you time, here’s a video that explains why you need to hire me for your communications project:

If you’re still here, and the video hasn’t sent you packing, here’s a little more detail about how my experience and expertise could be an asset to your business.

Creative copywriter

I write concise, engaging copy across a range of printed and digital media. I can write just about anything and everything, and frequently do. For a wide range of audiences and in a huge variety of styles.

Why ‘creative copywriter’? I’m also an experienced creative writer, with a proven track record across a range of genres, including poetry, plays, sketches and stand-up comedy material. I can use those natural creative talents to breathe new life into your communications projects and make your messages really stand out from the crowd.

I work quickly and efficiently with minimal brief or input. I regularly write website content, e-newsletters, feature articles for print and online media, video scripts, speeches, blog articles, press releases and social media content for clients in a range of sectors including Financial Services, Internet, Technology, HR and Professional Services.

Tone of voice expert

I’m a natural mimic and an experienced ghostwriter. I’ve written numerous speeches for senior executives addressing important conferences. Apparently I have the uncanny ability to listen to what people want to say, and then write something that sounds exactly like them. It works for businesses as well as individuals. I can quickly identify the tone of voice that suits your business and your customers and ensure that your communications sound consistent and authentic.

Communications consultant

As much as I enjoy tackling a wide range of writing projects, I get even more of a buzz from helping businesses with their marketing and communications strategies. So many companies ‘under-sell’ what they do, or don’t clearly express the differentiators that make them stand out in the market place. I love to come in and help them identify what they do best and what makes them different and then communicate it clearly to their customers. The process is enlightening, encouraging and usually a lot of fun. And the outcomes can be transformational.

Trainer and speaker

I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys standing up in front of a room of people and talking to them. I’m a professionally qualified trainer, presenter, MC, compère and speaker who combines a great sense of humour with bags of enthusiasm and passion. I can be serious too, and I always speak from the heart.

How can I help you?

Please give me a call on 07972 018366 or email me: garethcook@justtherightwords.co.uk to see how I can make a difference to your business.

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